Social Media Marketing

Backed by Reason

Social media and marketing should be driven by:

  1. Data
  2. Adding value to the business

Well, that’s what we believe at Stunning Strategy, anyway.

Often, marketing tactics, like social media, blogs or infographics, are ineffective at moving a business toward a goal – increased sales or customer retention, for example – because they lack one or both.

And so we’re on a mission to ensure:

No Tweet should be tweeted

No video should be made

No hashtag should be used

No post should be boosted

Without considering why it’s being done and how it’s helping the business.

If the “why” is justified, move onward to creating.

Marketing for small businesses should create momentum and ensure that your online presence matches your in-real-life presence. Stunning Strategy integrates style, charisma and data for social media that works for your business.

Our Story

Stunning Strategy, LLC, was founded in 2017 by Meg Hogan. Meg grew up in a family business in suburban Philadelphia. It’s a small tavern with cheap beer, motley customers, and a business model dependent on only employing people related to each other. Think:  Paddy’s Pub meets Cheers.

After leaving the bar life behind, Meg went on to a successful career in marketing, working on advertising campaigns worth millions and on social media content back when most people thought it was just a fad.

As she learned and understood the role of each marketing tactic – and how to work with little to no budget at times – she found that:

  1. Creativity matters. If you try hard enough, and think outside the box, you can make it work.
  2. There are a million different ways a business can use social media marketing for its benefit. While these channels change often, with the right people and processes, you can make your social media work for you.

Then, one day, while Meg was working out on an elliptical, it came to her: business owners could use some help with social media. Mainly because:

  • There’s always work to be done
  • There’s usually way too much other stuff to do, so spending time learning and doing your marketing is usually not an option

It’s the reality of many businesses – from entrepreneurs to seasoned owners with decades of experience – that marketing takes a backseat to other priorities like sales and customer service. That’s totally understandable. Especially when it comes to social media marketing.

But that doesn’t mean that small- and medium-sized business can’t have amazing marketing.

It doesn’t mean that big corporations gobble up small restaurants, clothing boutiques, hair salons, or manufacturers.

It doesn’t mean that an independent business’s only option to compete is on price alone.

What it does mean is that a marketing agency like Stunning Strategy can help apply both business and marketing best practices. So social media works for your business.

We’ve designed processes to make social media marketing work for small- to medium-sized businesses, backed by strategic insights and time-saving implementation.

Because you don’t need a 50-person department to manage your brand online. You don’t need a $1,000,000 budget to compete in your industry.

You need strategic marketing driven by creativity and adjusted based on the results. From there, your business has an asset: insights into what your customers believe, feel, and want.

Meg’s ultimate mission is to put some damn integrity back into the marketing profession and she’s proving it, one business owner at a time.

About Meg Hogan

Meg earned a B.A. in Communications from Temple University and an M.B.A. from the Katz School of Business at the University of Pittsburgh. She lives in Pittsburgh's Mount Washington neighborhood with her husband, Jason, and pit bull, Daisy.

You can learn more about her at meghogan.com.



Stunning Strategy Founder and Social Media Strategist Meg Hogan
Founder and Chief Strategist, Meg Hogan