How to Grow Your Pinterest Following organically

How to Grow Your Pinterest Following Organically

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Pinterest started out as a crafter and stay-at-home-mom social media site. I still know people who stumble over the name, saying “Pin – ter – ist?” Well, it’s now a content distribution powerhouse. While it doesn’t generate the same amount of one-to-one engagement as say, Facebook or Twitter do, it does spread content and ideas […]

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How Google and Social Media Work Together: Make a Marketing Plan and Just Do the Damn Thing

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You know that social media and search engines are some of the top ways your customers find you. What are you doing about it? And, do those two things work together? Absofreakinglutely. Here’s a breakdown of how social media works with your Google search rankings and how you can make a marketing plan so it […]

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What’s the ROI on Social Media?

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Content marketing, including social media, has been around for more than a decade, yet 68 percent of B2B marketers  and 40 percent of B2C businesses don’t have a documented strategy. Unfortunately, winging it doesn’t usually produce results in marketing. Even without a plan, the golden question that’s been asked across industries and blogs is: What’s the […]

Tips for how to grow social media followers

Don’t buy your social media followers – and what to do instead

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You’ve probably heard a lot of jargon in your search for small business marketing tips. “Marketing hacks” “Overnight growth” “Growth hackers” “Get an insane amount of social media followers – I’ll show you how.” If you’re serious about establishing and growing your business’ social media, you’re going to need to be more strategic than that. […]